The accommodation in the apartment includes two double bedrooms – a master bedroom and a guest bedroom, each with en suite bathroom. The guest bedroom also has its own kitchen, sitting area, sofa and TV. The master bedroom sits in the base of the clock tower with a mezzanine bathroom up a staircase and hanging over the bed. Upstairs, there is a large kitchen/dining room and the clock tower room, 10 metres in height, which sits immediately beneath the clock chamber. A rickety metal staircase leads directly up to the clock maintenance rooms. The original winding room for the mechanical clock still sits half way up the tower room, though today the clock is powered by a small electric motor. The 10m high weights box, the main practical reason for the height of the room, is retained, though for ventilation and ducting purposes rather than for the weights.

The Kitchen

St Pancras Clock Tower

The Dining Room

St Pancras Clock Tower

The Living Area

St Pancras Clock Tower St Pancras Clock Tower

Dinner Parties

St Pancras Clock Tower

The Master Suite